2012 Calendar Photoshop Brushes

2012 photoshop calendar brushes
2012 Calendar Brushes

Wow, tell me another year hasn’t flown by already! Feels like we only just finished celebrating Christmas holidays and now here i am preparing for them all over again. Time sure does fly when you’re getting older!

So, here’s a quick post to put up these 2012 calendar photoshop brushes. Pretty much exactly the same as the brushes below in my last post (how tragic, the proof is right there, i haven’t posted in nearly a year)

There is one big difference (i just remebered) the first day of the week is Sunday. S M T W T F S. You get the picture. no big dramas there though i’m sure.

Vital statistics:
Size – Large, up to 2450px wide
Brush count – 12 brushes, one for each month
Font – Monterey – pretty font
okie dokie
Download 2012 Calendar Photoshop brushes

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15 thoughts on “2012 Calendar Photoshop Brushes”

  1. Thanks for sharing your brushes. I have toured your site and I have to say…I LoVE It!!! Nice work. I think quality over quantity was a great way to go. oh I downloaded tickets and frames

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