Negative Photo Frames

Filmstrip Brushes
Filmstrip Brushes

Ok. I have a couple of sets to upload. The first brush set is this set of negative or filstrip brushes – you know the type you get from a roll of camera film and the like.

There is a bit of a mixture with 12 brushes in total.  There are some single, double and sets of 4 frames (would that be quadruple frames? i dunno) Anyways, you can tack them on to the ends of each other to extend the strip to be as long as you like. There are some grungey overlay frames for a bit of texture too.

They’re pretty big , so you can use em for print very easily. Good for scrapbooking, photo frames, making diy invitations and the like.

hmmm…… i quite like this set.

Free for personal use

Download the free film strip brushes

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6 thoughts on “Negative Photo Frames”

  1. hey there, i just wanted to say that i think your brushes are great and thank you for sharing them with us for free!

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