A Few Christmas Brushes

Free Christmas Brushes
Free Christmas Brushes

I made some printable Christmas cards to send out to the fam and me mates this year. These are some of the images and graphics that I used.

There are nine different images and each one is made up of 2 or more brushes.  The outline of each image has been made into a brush and can be layered with their buddy brushes, it makes them a little more flexible to use for coloring them in. You should be able to figure out which brush belongs to what image.

Christmas Brush set contains:

- 3 snowflakes
- candy cane
- christmas stocking
- a couple of baubles
- some mistletoe
- and a tree

This isn’t a very large set of brushes but they do come in handy for some xmas fun. Free for personal use.

Download the free Christmas Photoshop Brushes

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3 thoughts on “A Few Christmas Brushes”

  1. Hi, there,

    I just wanted to stop by and bring you warm wishes for Christmas and the New Year! I hope you and yours are having a terrific holiday time.

    These brushes do make cute greetings. I am such a sucker for anything Christmas. Thank you very much.

    See you in the New Year.


  2. HI!

    I was just poking around my Bookmarks page, saw your link and decided to stop in and say “Hello”. I hope you are doing well and are in good spirits. Once the children returned to school after the holidays, I got super creative. Been putzing around with a bunch of stuff. What’s up on your end?

    Don’t hesitate to drop a line if you like. I’d love to hear from you.

    Take it easy!


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