I have no friends…

Take a look at my blog roll, I have no internet buddies :-(  So sad.

If I’m going to make my mark on this world wide web then I had better get a buddy or two right!  I feel like that kid in the playground that no one will play with. lol.

So how do I get on your blog roll or friend list? I’d love to see my site listed somewhere, anywhere…. Is there some secret rite im supposed to do that i’ve not been made aware of yet.  Or is it as simple as “I’ll add you if you add me”

Whatever I need to do to spread the love, can someone tell me… (or maybe add me) sigh…

7 thoughts on “I have no friends…”

  1. Well, say no more, my friend! LOL I’m impressed! I will be more than happy to put a link to your beautiful brushes on my blog, suruha-freespirit. That link is:


    If I may be so bold, it might help a bit if you used “categories” for your brushes. Aside from linking to each brush, they are also a form of advertisement. Folks see the labels, tags, categories, whatever you know them as, and they pique one’s interest. Or, at least, they do mine. LOL The list acts as a sort of “Table of Contents”.

    I don’t know about others, but, when I go to a person’s website, especially one where I like the content, I look to see what links that person has in their sidebar. I figure if they have stuff I like, their links probably will, too. So, links, blinkies, blog rolls, whatever, do go a long ways. It doesn’t take that long to get recognised. Now that I have found you, I won’t hesitate to mention it to my friends. Having your site on “Naldz Graphics” is a real plus! That is how I found you.

    Finally, there are some ‘scrapbooking search engine’ sites that display every “freebie” there is available online – every single day. They require you to go sign up your site at theirs, then, when you post, the engine will pick it up. Make sure you put “freebie” somewhere in the title and tags. These sites get seen by a LOT of people! There are three or four of them. I would be more than happy to send you the links if you think you might be interested. If you aren’t sure what I mean, here is the link to one, in particular:


    I don’t get a great deal of traffic on my own blog. I am not too worried about it, though. It is a ‘labor of love’. LOL I get enough comments to keep me happy.

    As you can guess, I am in to the digital scrapbooking thing. It is an amazing community of folks! As we all use one program or another, like Photoshop and PSP, the demand for brushes is huge. The digital graphics people and the digi-scrapping people are, often, one and the same. I am taking an online Photoshop course. They are currently doing a segment just on scrapbooking.

    Well, it’s nice to meet you. LOL I look forward to seeing you more often. Count on it! LOL


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