Free Photoshop Photobooth Brushes

Photo Booth Strip Brushes
Photo Booth Strip Brushes

sample use

Made these photobooth brushes which were inspired by the old school photostrips that your mamas and papas used to have back in the olden days. lol.

I have created them to be about the same dimensions as the most common of the photobooth strips.  There are two different kinds of photostrips. One has rounded corners and the other with plain old regular corners. The third brush is a grungey overlay that you can use over top of either of the other two to give your pic some texture.  Play around with the layer options – try ‘overlay’ or  ‘multiply’ for some cool effects and adjust the opacity to suit.

Oh, and these brushes are huge – 2420px x 466 so you should have no problems at all using them with your high res photographs.

Use them on your Save the date cards, wedding invites, scrapbook layouts, photo protfolio, wall art etc.

Download the Photo Booth Strip Brushes
Free for personal use only.

Have Fun.

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19 thoughts on “Free Photoshop Photobooth Brushes”

  1. Haha…I really have to laugh…the way you put it is so funny. I just discovered your blog, when searching for a calendar-brush. You make such great stuff I wouldn’t want to miss you on my list :) So weather you want it or not: your blog will be found at my blog from now on LOL
    xx Monica

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  3. THANK YOU! I appreicate the effort you put into this. I can now successfully capture all the silly photos we have taken!


  4. Hello, I use Photoshop Elements 9 and now sure how to use the brushes once I have downloaded them.

    I double click on the file, it opens in Elements, after that I am not sure how to use them.

    Thank you so much, Natasha

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